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Packages that use IRCEventListener
org.schwering.irc.lib IRClib is a library for the client-side of IRC (Internet Relay Chat) connections.  

Uses of IRCEventListener in org.schwering.irc.lib

Classes in org.schwering.irc.lib that implement IRCEventListener
 class IRCEventAdapter
          Adapts the events of the IRCEventListener interface.

Methods in org.schwering.irc.lib with parameters of type IRCEventListener
 void IRCConnection.addIRCEventListener(IRCEventListener l)
          Adds a new IRCEventListener which listens for actions coming from the IRC server.
 boolean IRCConnection.removeIRCEventListener(IRCEventListener l)
          Removes the first occurence of the given IRCEventListener from the listener-vector.