IRClib is a free Java implementation of the IRC protocol. It requires J2SE 1.2 or later. (Under J2SE 1.2 and 1.3, Sun's JSSE is needed to enable SSL support. JSSE is not needed since J2SE 1.4 anymore.)
IRClib is free software; it's triple-licensed under the GNU LGPL, Apache License 2.0 and Eclipse Public License. It's RFC1459 and RFC2812 compliant.
The core IRClib (org.schwering.irc.lib) is a thin library. There's also a more high-level implementation on-top of the core IRClib (org.schwering.irc.manager). The latter is under development at the moment and only available at the SVN repository.

The following archives contain binaries, sourcecode and javadocs:

Further and quite useful information and documentation is here:


moepII is an IRClib-based IRC client software. It's written in Java 1.4 and licensed under the GPL. moepII requires JRE 1.4 or later.
You might probably not want to actually use moepII as daily IRC client, but it may be helpful as code-base for a new IRC client.
These archives contain the binaries and the sourcecode:

Additionally, here are modules (i.e. for DCC support) for moepII and some documents:

I'm not working on this stuff anymore, but when you have questions or so, just drop me a mail. Logo